Pepper Spray Ends A School Fight

You know students will fight at school, and now school police are taking tougher measures to keep the peace. Three students were suspended after a fight ended in pepper spray at Memorial High School on Thursday.

Channel 8's Kim Jackson explains what happened and how the spray is used.

School police officers have used their spray twice this year and the last time was at lunch time inside Memorial High. The school chief of police says there was a fight and somehow a school officer breaking it up, took a blow.

"In the process of the fight, one of the combatants struck the security officer, assaulted him. As a result of that conflict and the fact they would not de-escalate he had to use pepper spray to protect himself and to keep the kids from fighting," said Chief Gary Ruddick.

Every officer carries pepper spray, along with a Glock pistol. And there is procedure to use the spray.

"Anytime someone is escalation of a fight, students are at risk we are going to use whatever means necessary and that includes anything to protect students from each other," he said.

The spray can effect a crowd--like one student who explained witnessing a classmate attack a security guard.

"There was a big circle around him and the security guard backed away and pulled out his mace and he sprayed everyone and hit me. It burns and you can't open your eyes," explained Kayne Madison, who says he learned a lesson.

"So if I would have been minding my own business and went straight to class, I wouldn't have worried about getting hit by the pepper spray."

At Memorial, paramedics treated one student on scene, even though others may have felt the sting.

According the police chief, the guard did the right thing, utilizing his pepper spray.

The three students involved in this fight were suspended for the rest of the year.