Personalized Service Given Edge Over Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday bargains on the internet aren't enough to lure Mary Ann Gold today.

"We've lived in Broken Arrow for 35, 40 years and I just try to keep my business in Broken Arrow when I can."

Gold has hit the jackpot at Pretty Penny... a Broken Arrow Retailer that offers apparel, gifts and home decor. This is her preference on Cyber Monday, a day when millions of dollars are spent on the Monday following Black Friday.

"I order very little over the computer I haven't always had good luck or they'll send me something but here you can just go in the store return it have no problem," she adds.

Co-Owner Shelley Braley admits it's hard to compete with the discounts of Cyber Monday but what they do exceptionally well here is individualized service.

"You're going to come in and be offered hot coffee cup of cider to just make you feel at home," says Braley.

And the closer it gets to Christmas the more customers will come to rely on stores like Pretty Penny. Employees are experts at handling last minute gift ideas.

"We're a little more equipped to do that. Certainly you're not going to be able to do that on line without it costing you a lot of money without expediting," Braley adds.

Customers win, so do business and communities through the sales tax money that's generated to keep city services running.

"You're keeping your dollars local and for the consumers out there you'll never know how much we appreciate you keeping your dollars local," says Braley.