Okie's Picture Near Marathon Bombing May Hold Clues

They are photos that have attracted worldwide attention. One showing a possibly suspicious bag and the next, the scene of an explosion.

"I can not tell you what that felt like, I just felt empty and numb," said marathoner Molly Ryan, not describing her reaction to those pictures, but rather the reaction when she discovered that her husband had taken one of her with that same bag in the background.

"My knees buckled," she said.

The Ryan's photo provides even greater detail, you can read the word "UNO" on the sack, while your heart cringes for the spectators nearby oblivious to what is about to happen.

"And you think to yourself, why did it go off when it did and not when I was there, you feel very guilty, you do, because you're not sure why it had to happen to someone else and not you, so I'm really struggling with that right now," she said.

A survivors guilt, that bears down with intensity on every pixel, every person, every thing in the picture.

"It was strange that the bag was on the outside of the corral and you're thinking nobody is on that side except the runners," she said.

She's emailed it to the FBI, with optimism that it can help make a difference.

"And I gave them all of the information that I knew, my bib number, about what time I went through, my husband's cell phone number," she said.

A picture taken for the pride of accomplishment that could lead to a perpetrator or accomplice. A picture of both hope and heartache. The very sight of it, leading to a jumble of emotions.

"Uhm, you're going to have to edit this cause I'm trying to think of how I want to...I'm angry because I feel like it was a loss of innocence," she said.