Picture of Kindness: Kimberly

{}"good, now look through it."

Sixteen year old Kimberly is an aspiring photographer. And for this shutter bug, Montag Photography's new Broken Arrow location was the place to be....

{}"(click).....that's awesome.......very good."

With ten year vet Jeremy showing her the ropes.......Kim said it was experience of a lifetime.

{}"I learned more than I thought I would. I didn't know half of this.....

{}"This is definitely what I want to do."

And Kim has addition to photographer.....she wants to teach art and own a coffee shop.

{}"A lot of plans. Yes, where people can come and express their art and music and stuff. Come in and make their own beads and coffee."

For right now, Kim's career path begins this fall with her junior year in high school.

{}"I like social studies and being with my friends. I don't like the hallways. The hallways? They are always crowded."

Like her teachers, we found Kim to be kind and very polite.

{}" don't get good things from bad behavior."

Kim is very interested in getting a family.....but thinking about adoption is tough.

{}"nervous. Yea? I think it's a good idea because I've been in custody since I was 11 and haven't been adopted. So I think I would like to be adopted and be with a regular family."

{}"if you could say something to somebody, thinking she sure seems like a good girl.

Hi. (laughs)

If your interested in offering Kimberly a forever home, call 918-581-2033. You can also call for information on any of the children we've featured on waiting child.