Pink Flamingos Popping Up In Broken Arrow Yards

Pink flamingos are taking over the city of Broken Arrow,

Plastic lawn ornaments are popping up around town.

It's part of a fundraiser for the Community Playhouse.

Basically you can donate $15 and send a flock of six pink flamingos to the yard of your choice, whether it's a friend, relative, church, or business.

You can even send them anonymously.

The birds will stay put for 24 hours.

And if you don't want the flamingos stopping at your place you can purchase what's called "flocking insurance" for $10 to keep them away.

Megan Esau with the Community Playhouse says, "I think the best way I've coined the phrase, is that it's friendly vandalism. We're going to be nice to everyone. So please don't hurt our flamingos. They will be removed for free. However, if you want to specify the next victim go ahead and give us a call we'll get you donation set up."

To take part in the fundraiser, call 918-258-0077.

You can also follow the flocks on Facebook and Twitter.

The fundraiser runs through September.

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