Pitbull to Be Put Down Following Attack

Sitting there calmly, you'd never realize what 4 year-old Boss had just done to the mailman.

"Blood everywhere, I didn't realize it was the postman at first," said William Harper.

When William came home for lunch, he found that his dream pit bull had become someone's nightmare.

"Yeah they took him right to the hospital out of here he got chewed up pretty bad, got a 90 pound pit bull locking on your face, I mean you're in pretty bad shape," he said.

He had raised the dog since he was just a 9 week old puppy, and says the attack stunned him as much as anyone.

"All my neighbors know him, friends, family, everybody knows that dog and that dog has never growled or snapped at nobody," he said.

Harper sympathized with the mailman and shared an ironic story about his own father's run in with a dog.

"My Dad used to be a postal worker, mail carrier, he was attacked by a dog, matter of fact a pitbull, snapped, broke his ankle and he retired from the post office after that," he said.

"The dog is being held here for ten days," said Jean Letcher of Tulsa Animal Welfare.

Technically, the Harper family could try to get Boss back but...

"I can't really say anything about it its like losing a family," said William.

Monday afternoon, they signed the paperwork to have him put down.

"Next day it could be one of my kids, neighbors kids, might have had a taste of blood I don't know how animals react to it, so probably the best was to have him put down," he said.

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