UPDATE: Smokey Smell Prompts Southwest Plane to Divert into Tulsa

The plane taxied to the terminal without incident, where passengers got off and boarded another aircraft.

A Southwest airlines plane lands safely in Tulsa after it's diverted mid-flight for mechanical issues.

Tulsa International Airport spokesperson Alexis Higgins confirmed the incident Monday morning.

Southwest flight 254 from Kansas City to Houston called Tulsa air traffic control to report the issue just before 9:30 a.m.

An airline spokesperson said the pilot decided to divert after someone reported the smell of smoke in the cabin. It's standard procedure to make a diversion if there's evidence of an issue.

The plane landed safely in Tulsa at 9:41 a.m., Higgins said. None of the plane's 72 passengers and crew were hurt.

The plane taxied to the gate and passengers got off to board another aircraft for the rest of their flight.

Mechanics will check the plane in Tulsa before it heads out again. No word yet on if the passengers will be compensated for the delay.