Plans To Fix Streets Need Citizen Input

The City of Tulsa needs your help, deciding on an $800 million dollar package to repair roads.

In the end voters will decide at the polls. But right now, city leaders need input, on the project starting tonight.

South Peoria is one road that shows it has wear and tear. In some areas, there are chunks of asphalt, right next to open potholes. Drivers are dealing with those kinds of hazards each day.

Drivers know South Peoria looks like patchwork, with temporary repairs made over the years.

City Councilor G. T. Bynum says the next road repair project should focus on longevity, not temporary patches. "This will not generate all of the funds we need for all the needs we have and that is why we need public participation to help us prioritize those funds," said Bynum.

City leaders say there is more than a billion dollars of work that needs to be done. But they are asking voters to approve an 800-million dollar package, with more than half going to fix bumps in the road.

Drivers have felt the effects and many have paid for it at auto shops like Encinas Automotive.

But even the owner says he's willing to risk his business, to get a smoother ride to work.

"Nothing has been done the past 20 years out here and I sure would to get it straightened out. It would be nice," said Mike Encinas.

This could be up for a vote in November. The mayor and city council would decide on a project for the ballot. Citizens would vote yes or no.