Plumbers Busy with Holiday, Winter Repairs

Plumbers are keeping busy with repairs from overuse, often from holiday activities and out of town guests.

Mullin Plumbing told Channel 8 it is repairing many drains after Christmas.

"What we see more often than not is problems with the kitchen sink drains from all the food and food preparations, from all the cooking, and then after everybody leaves and goes home, from all the leftovers," said Robert Morris with Mullin. "People usually shove those down the drain through the disposal."

Morris said homeowners can prevent clogs by running water after turning off the disposal.

Channel 8 went on a repair call with Mullin Plumbing Wednesday.

Homeowner Laurie Simmons noticed water leaking from her washing machine while washing a load of laundry Christmas evening.

Simmons recalled asking herself, "Is this going to be a disaster? Can we just temporize it until the morning?"

Morris said Simmons' kitchen drain was likely backed up from holiday foods. It connects to her washer drain.

Morris also said freezing pipes could be a problem in the near future, given the recent freezing temperatures. He recommends closing vents in crawl spaces and opening cupboards on exterior walls to prevent frozen pipes.