Police Academy Cuts Ahead?

It's issue number one at city hall; budget cuts, with word that the police department will soon feel the sting in its next police academy.

"We were supposed to have 23 cadets in that class and it's been cut down to 13," said Tulsa city councilor Karen Gilbert.

The official word from city hall is less definitive - "No decisions have been made for FY 15 as everything is a changing and fluid process at this time."

But from the police union - "The FOP doesn't support cutting public safety. We believe public safety should be the number one priority for the city of Tulsa."

"I can see some rough waters ahead," said Tulsa city councilor Jack Henderson.

Waters choppy with what could be a significantly larger across the board cut than previously thought.

"Well I've been told that it's going to be about a 13% cut," said Gilbert.

A percentage that can't help but evoke thoughts of the L-word.

Does that mean layoffs?"No, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. So hopefully there's other ways that we can save some dollars," said Gilbert.

"I would think that layoffs is in the works. I mean you're talking about cutting 13%. That's a large number. 7% would have been rough. 13% that almost means layoffs to me," said Henderson.

Cutback discussions with department heads begin soon, as everyone braces for rough waters.

"It's tighten your belt for next year," said Gilbert.