Police Arrest Man for Indecent Exposure Outside Tulsa Hospital

Ernie Gutierrez

Police took 36-year-old Ernie Gutierrez into custody Sunday morning for allegedly exposing himself to two women outside of a Tulsa Hospital.

Officers say two women, who were visiting the hospital, reportedly walked outside the emergency room for a smoke break and Gutierrez approached one of the women and asked her if he could, "kiss her pinky." Both women immediately went back inside the hospital.

Then, the women stepped back outside for a second smoke break and Gutierrez reportedly walked up to the other woman and told her she had beautiful feet and asked to rub them. After she declined, Gutierrez reportedly exposed himself to the women.

Both women reportedly went back into the hospital and told security. When Officers arrived on scene, Gutierrez was being detained by the hospital security.

Police say he had an odor of alcohol, was not steady on his feet and had slow and slurred speech.

Gutierrez was booked on a complaint of indecent exposure AFCF and public intoxication.