Police Arrest Woman Suspected of Mail Theft

Tulsa Police say thieves are getting more creative. One midtown neighborhood learned that the hard way. Police say mail trucks are carrying precious cargo and once it makes its way into your mailbox thieves want it.

Police say a handy cam caught one suspected thief in the act. The woman in the video is seen going to homes acting as if she lived there then taking whatever is left in mailboxes. Police have identified the woman as 29 year old Jennifer Steffen and later arrested her. "We usually get that after the fact, but this time do the help of the citizens that were involved in it, they were able to notify us while it was in progress," said TPD Financial Crimes Unit Detective Darin Shipley. He says at least 12 victims have come forward so far. "She had different pieces of mail from different sides of town," said the detective.

Some people near 6000 South Utica are just learning of the case. "I personally don't have to worry about it because our mail gets swept under the front door," said resident Joyce Hatchett. Detective Shipley says locked boxes are also a good idea, and he recommends having sensitive mail sent elsewhere.

Police believe there are as many as 60 victims out there. If you live between 60th and 63rd between Peoria and Lewis, pay attention to your mail and see if there is anything that could be missing.