Police: Bullet Ricochets Off Shooting Victim's Belt Buckle In Armed Robbery

A fast-food worker is unharmed when his belt buckle catches a bullet from an armed robbery suspect's gun.

The ordeal began late Tuesday night at the KFC store near 42nd and South Peoria Avenue in Tulsa.

Police said two suspects cased the store until closing time, then forced their way inside as an employee took out the garbage.

Investigators said the suspects took cell phones and wallets from the employees and ordered the manager to open the safe.

According a statement from Tulsa Police, the robbery escalated to violence when one of the suspects fired a shot at one of the employees. But instead of causing serious injury, the bullet hit the worker's metal belt buckle and ricocheted off.

Both of the suspects took off with their loot, crashing their getaway car into a tree on the way out. Police stated that the worker wasn't hurt, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

According to the statement from TPD, investigators are now looking for two black males in their early 20s and approximately 5 foot 8-10 inches in height. One was reportedly wearing a black hoodie while the other was wearing a grey hoodie.