Police Continue Search for Armed Robbery Suspects that Shot a Man

Tulsa Police are continuing to investigate two armed robberies that happened shortly after 8 p.m. Monday near 51st and Lewis. Sources close to the man the suspects allegedly shot is dealing with a hip fracture at the hospital.

Police said it began when two young men approached a man walking back home from Walgreens. The man lives at the Lewiston Apartments. Police said the suspects hit the man's cell phone out of his hand. They reportedly had a gun and demanded all the money he had with him.

They forced him back to his apartment for more valuables, but police said his room mate would not open the door. They reportedly fired one shot, which did not injure anyone, before running off.

"Actually, while we were responding to this robbery, a subsequent robbery came out was very nearby. I mean like around the corner, like another block away of another robbery and a shooting," said Tulsa Police Officer Jillian Roberson.

Police said the men ran to a house around the corner where a man, 26, was working on his girlfriend's car in an open garage.

His girlfriend lives in the home with her father. The homeowner said the men tried to rob the 26-year-old. He ran inside to protect the other people in the house. At that point, one of the suspects fired a gunshot through the wall, which hit the man's side. The homeowner said the victim is doing okay. Police said the victim gave a description of the suspects that matched those from the first robbery.

Several neighbors spoke to Channel 8 about the concerning incident. One neighbor was openly carrying a firearm late Tuesday.

Police said the suspects' descriptions are vague. The victims described them as looking very young. Police said they could be teenagers. Authorities encourage anyone with information to call CrimeStoppers at 596-COPS.