Police Discover Man Reportedly Drunk on Horse with Child

A man was taken into custody late Monday evening for reportedly riding a horse drunk with a child.

Police arrested Dennis Byers and booked him for child neglect and public intoxication. He was located on the horse in the area near the 2300 block of East 56 Street North.

Booking information states the officers discovered Byers on the horse with the child after receiving calls from witnesses. He also was intoxicated at the time.

"I made contact with [Byers] who had blood shot eyes, unsteady on feet, slurred speech and an odor associated with an alcoholic beverage upon his breath," the report described. "This was in plain view of the public."

When officers questioned Byers about the three-year-old Byers could not tell them the child's name or where its parents were. Officials with the Department of Human Services took the child into custody during the incident.

Booking information added that Byers is on probations out of Missouri for another child endangerment incident. He was transferred to the Tulsa County Jail and being held on $50,000 bond.

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