Are You on Camera Now? How Tulsa Police Use Cameras

Cameras gave investigators an image of the alleged Boston bombers. We are learning this is an invaluable tool to police everywhere. At any given moment you may be on camera. Police are counting on that, when it comes to catching suspects and accused killers.

When police are searching for a suspect they drive down the street looking for surveillance cameras. They are finding them more and more, attached to businesses and private homes.

Police say it was a home camera that helped them crack the case in the murder of Kayla Ferrante. They went through tips and tons of video, before they found the clue.

Remember the Best Buy shooting that killed an innocent by stander? Police grabbed video from the Promenade Mall that showed the suspect following the intended target to Best Buy, where more cameras revealed important clues. It was a case that left two men dead.

Police say cameras are important. "It's a significant part of law enforcement because there is nothing the criminal can do to circumvent that. There is no way that our criminals will go and look at surveillance cameras up and down the street to determine when they are going to commit some kind of crime," said Dave Walker, Tulsa Police, lead homicide detective.

Police say when it comes to getting video, it's not usually a problem with individuals or businesses.