Creek County Investigating Alleged Sexual Misconduct in Kellyville

Classes were in session Friday at Kellyville High School, but focusing on school work was a bit difficult with the talk sweeping through town.

"Kind of shocking," said area resident Albert Davis.

The sudden resignation of a female teacher, say sources, following allegations of a sexual relationship with a male student. Creek County authorities confirm that their sex crimes unit is conducting interviews.

"I can see the teacher resigning. When there's allegations, you know, she can't teach school with that kind of thing hanging on her head," said Davis.

School officials declined to comment, but at the KV Grill, the topic was as hot as the chicken fried steak.

"It's just such a touchy subject," said Tina Peterson. Her advice when discussing a sensitive topic like this with kids?Best approach would be just to handle it directly and just tell them its inappropriate for anyone to touch anyone .