Police Investigate Racy Photos Taken with a Possible Police Car

Police are investigating photos of scantily clad women posing with what appears to be a Tulsa Police Car.

Channel 8 received the three photos from a source and called to ask Tulsa Police about whether or not an officer was involved in gaining access to the vehicle. Police had not yet heard about the photographs, but an officer said Chief Chuck Jordan is "highly upset," and launched an investigation to learn more.

A tax payer saw the photos Wednesday and said, "That'd be like us with our company trucks taking pictures with them, and I promise I wouldn't have a job very long if I did that."

Police said it is common for people to take pictures with police cars. A representative for the Tulsa Fire Department agreed. He said there were no specific rules surrounding pictures, but that firefighters are required to only portray the department positively. Stan May with Tulsa Fire said even photos in the Tulsa Metro Firefighters Calendar are held to a strict standard. The funds from the calendar go to increasing fire safety awareness.

We reached out to the photographer of the photo. She did not comment on the issue directly to us, but said in a personal Facebook post that she took the photo three to four years ago for a company. She thinks it is sad we are doing the story in the first place.

It does not appear that the word "Tulsa" appears anywhere on the cars pictured.The source that sent the photos said it is possible the pictures are years old and could possibly be an advertisement for a bail bonds company.

We will keep you informed about the investigation as we learn more.