Police Investigating Attempted Rape at Sand Springs Park

Sand Springs Police are searching for a man who they say attacked a woman jogging at River City Park Sunday afternoon. The attempted rape had neighbors on edge Monday.

Some park visitors were apprehensive Monday about being at the park alone after the alleged assault. "Just as long as I've got people with me. I wouldn't come out here by myself though," said Sheryl Allen.

Sand Springs Police say, sometime after 4:00 PM yesterday afternoon, a 20-year-old woman running along the trail was approached by a man near an overpass. According to police, the man displayed a gun and told the woman to come into the woods with him, where he tried to force her to perform sex acts. After the suspect pulled a knife, the victim fought to get the weapon away from the man, cutting her hand and possibly stabbing the suspect in the leg.

That is when police say he got away and the victim found medical care, nearby.

Deputy police chief, Mike Carter says this is an unusual crime for the city. "It's an unusual event. It's -- Number one, it's not a common crime for Sand Springs. It's also a crime that looks like it was somebody looking for the right situation by the way the person was armed and also by the way he chose a secluded spot to try to target his victim."

While the suspect did get away, Carter says everyone should be alert. He recommends self-defense classes offered by the police department to prepare for an attack.

Visitors like Allen say, try not to run alone. "Pair up. Yeah, that's what we was talking about. Make sure you've got somebody with you."

Police are still searching for the suspect, described as a white male in his late forties or early fifties with blonde or gray hair, last seen wearing sunglasses and a white cap, riding a black bike.

If you have any information in the case, you are asked to call Sand Springs Police at (918)245-8777 or submit a tip online at The website also offers information on the department's self-defense classes and how to sign up.