Police Investigating if Teens Were Drugged by Men

Tulsa police are investigating reports this week that two teenage girls were drugged by a group of males in a vehicle.

Few details are available at this time but Tulsa Public Schools stated that the incident reportedly took place earlier this week. Both girls are residents of the Laura Dester Shelter near Pine and Memorial.

TPS told KTUL that the teen girls left the shelter at some point this week and were picked up by a group of men in a vehicle. They were taken to an unknown location.

One of the girls told officers that the men gave her drugs and alcohol. She reportedly woke up naked sometime later.

Both girls initially stated that they were on their way home from school when they were picked up by the men and notified school administrators. Officials with Tulsa Police Schools notified TPD a short time later.

Administrators with the Laura Dester Shelter confirmed that a group of girls were reported missing earlier this week. Both girls involved in the investigation were a part of that group.