Woman Trapped In Freezer, Found Alive

A woman is found alive inside a large freezer inside her west Tulsa apartment.

Tulsa police say the 59-year-old was found Wednesday morning by her son. She had been missing since Saturday from near 23rd and S. Nogales.

When he opened the top lid, he found his mother inside with frostbite to her legs. She was very weak and incoherent.

"Her son heard a moan coming from the area of the freezer. He opened it up and discovered her sitting inside," said Tulsa police officer Cpl. Daisy Vallely.

EMSA paramedics rushed her to the hospital. Her condition isn't known, but police said she should survive.

Investigators think she climbed in because she was afraid of the weather or tornadoes on Friday.

Police said she could not get out, but added that there was no reason for her to not get free. There were no locks or latches on the door that could have accidentally engaged. Police said evidence inside suggests that she did try and struggled to get the door open.

Investigators haven't noticed any signs of foul play, but they're working to completely rule that out.