TPD: Man Arrested for Midtown Murder, Says He Doesn't Remember Shooting

The Tulsa man arrested for murder in Midtown on Wednesday evening claims he doesn't remember doing the shooting, according to a booking report.

Officers were called to a home near 21st and the Broken Arrow Expressway just before 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Neighbors said they heard an argument, heard a gunshot and watched two men speed away in a pickup.

Medics found 49-year-old Gerald Greenfield lying next to a car. He was pronounced dead at a Tulsa hospital.

Police determined one of the men who left the scene was 21-year-old James Dylan High.

High showed up at the same hospital where Greenfield was taken. Police said High was there asking questions of family members.

Officers received the tip and arrested him there.

According to a booking report, High said he was told he shot Greenfield and stated he must have, but he didn't remember doing the shooting.

The other man was identified as a person of interest. Officers tracked him down, did an interview and released him.

James High is in the Tulsa County Jail facing a first-degree murder complaint. He is accused of shooting Greenfield in the head with a rifle.

Police said he and Greenfield have been living in the same home and High admitted the two got into an argument prior to the shooting.

This is the 39th homicide in Tulsa this year.