Two Arrested for Roles in Reported Overnight Armed Robbery

Tulsa Police arrested two men at a What-A-Burger early Monday morning after an armed robbery at an apartment complex overnight.

Police got the call around 1:00 a.m. after three men busted in the back door of a first floor apartment. They had shotguns.

At the scene three adults and a two-year-old child home at the time. The victims said they recognized the robbers as former tenants of an apartment next door.

They told police that the suspects had reportedly been evicted for drug issues and wanted drugs at the time of this break-in. Police said the victims were the ones that reported the suspects for drug use in the first place.

Corporal Brandon Disney said the men, "had shotguns, demanded 'the stuff,' ended up taking some computers, laptops, and other items. Also taken was one of the victims cars, a black challenger with a paper tag."

One of the victims got a staple in his lip. EMSA removed it and he did not need to go to the hospital.

Police got word that some of the suspects might be visiting a What-A-Burger later in the morning. They contacted employees at the 15th and Peoria location, who barricaded themselves in a back room. One of the suspects had a gun on him.

Police arrested Angel Rodriguez, 21, and Moria Mediano, 19. Police took them into custody shortly after 4 a.m. They are still looking for the third suspect. The victims will have to identify the men.