Police Make Three Arrests in Best Buy Murder Case

Police say they had very little to go on in the Best Buy murders case. However, they credit big brother and teamwork to ultimately leading them to who they believe is the trigger man.

Marquetta Brown had to see him for herself. Willie Wise is accused of killing her beloved son Wes, an innocent bystander who, police say, was caught in the middle of a gang grudge. "When I heard it was gang related I thought this isn't fair. This really isn't fair," said Brown's mother. Still, she says she's not bitter. She's holding on to her faith and relying on it to do something that might surprise you. "I have a long list of people that I pray for, and I'm going to add Willie Wise's name to that list," she told Tulsa's Channel 8. Brown forgives him along with Jeremy Foster and Shania Craven. Police say the two were with Wise during Saturday's shooting. "The conclusion of this case came under some of the best police work I've ever seen," Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan told a room full of reporters Thursday.

Chief Jordan says cameras at Promenade Mall were also crucial to the case. Chief Jordan says, Saturday, the suspects followed their intended target, Scott Norman, from the mall to a nearby Best Buy. Police believe the gunfire that followed was retaliation for the 2008 murders of two other suspected gang members.

With the arrests comes relief, but Wes's mom hopes her son's death sparks more than fear and outrage. "The thing I hang on to is maybe the reason was that my son's life would help the gang problem in Tulsa," she said. Mayor Dewey Bartlett vowed to help police in their continued push to rid the city of it's gangs.


Wise and Foster are facing two counts of murder and Craven an accessory charge.