Police Officer Accused of Killing Teen Out of Jail

Police officer Shannon Kepler made bond and is now out of jail, as he faces a first degree murder charge in the murder of a 19-year-old teen.

Judge Cliff Smith granted bond in the case today in Tulsa county court. The judge set bond at $750,000 in the first degree murder charge and for $75,000 in the shooting with intent to kill charge involving Kepler's daughter, Lisa.

"My client is a caring father and a loving member in this community, never had a bottle in his life," said Richard O'Carroll, who is Kepler's attorney. O'Carroll took his time in court, defending his client, and trying to discredit eyewitnesses in the case.

One police officer took the stand to defend Kepler's reputation. But the prosecution believes that Kepler pulled the trigger and killed Lake, and that Kepler shot at his own daughter at the scene.

The district attorney's office asked for bond to bet set at a million and a half dollars. Assistant D.A. Steve Kunzweiler says remember the bond hearing does not determine guilt or innocence.

"That is for a judge or jury to determine. But I had every expectation that bond was going to be set in this case," said Kunzweiler. "I wanted it set at a an amount I thought was appropriate."

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