Police Officer Assaulted By Three People in North Tulsa

31-year-old Raymond Cobb

A Tulsa Police officer was assaulted after attempting to pull over a man for running a stop sign.

The police officer pulled over 21-year-old Dustin Thompson at 1632 N. Columbia Ave.

When the police officer went to speak to the driver, he was approached by 31-year-old Raymond Cobb and 19-year-old Amber Thompson.

Police say Cobb and Amber Thompson began to yell at the police officer, claiming he had no right being there. The two continued to make threats and yell obscenities.

The police officer attempted to place Cobb under arrest when police say he ran inside the house. The police officer followed Cobb, but was confronted by a juvenile male.

According to police, a fight broke out between the juvenile and the police officer and soon after Cobb and Thompson joined in.

More police officers responded to the assault, which resulted with two people being tasered and all four suspects in handcuffs.

Cobb and Thompson were arrested for assault and battery of a police officer. Amber Thompson was placed under arrest for obstruction. The juvenile was placed under arrest for assault and other drug charges.

Tulsa Police say the injured officer will recover from his injuries.