Police Officer Fires At Suspect Who Tries To Run Him Over

A Tulsa officer is now on leave after firing his gun at a suspect who reportedly tried to run him over.

It all began with a traffic stop early Friday morning. Henry Harris peeled out and led the officer on a short chase. The two wound up on a dead end street near Haskell St. and Gary Pl.

As the officer approached, Harris tried to run the officer down. That's when the officer unloaded his gun into the car.

"It is much different when you are in fear for your life and the situation is actually happening," Tulsa Police Department's Leland Ashley said.

So far this year, TPD have been involved in six shootings with only one resulting in death after using deadly force. This time, officers believe Harris may have crouched down in the seat or on the floor of his car.

Harris was checked out at the scene and taken to jail. He now faces multiple charges including assault with a deadly weapon and eluding police.