Police Overloaded With 8 Homicide Cases in 8 Days

January has gotten off to a violent start for homicide detectives in Tulsa. Right now, they are dealing with several grieving families and almost enough murders for each day of the month, so far.

Tulsa police are investigating 8 murders in 8 days. Half of them happened inside on apartment at the Fairmont Terrace. From the outside, it is hard to see the investigation behind the scene.

Four women were killed at the Fairmont apartments, with a 3 year old survivor who lived through it all. One of the victims was his mother and her twin sister. But this homicide case is not only one.

Detectives are still looking for their killer as well along with least one more in other cases.

They have made arrests, but all off the investigations have been demanding all of the attention of the 9 homicide investigators--who report they have only had about 6 hours of sleep in the last 3 days. They have interviews and phone calls to return.

"Some information is on it's face not useful, but we do have to follow up on it. We can't let it go because of the simple fact that it may turn out to be something," said Detective Victor Regalado.

When it comes to putting killers behind bars, Tulsa police have an 85 percent success rate better than the national average, which is 67 percent. But for them, it's not good enough.

This is not the most deadly January. 2006 and 2007 both started out with 9 murders.