Police Pursuit Ends in Midtown Yard, Four Suspects Arrested

Four suspects have been arrested following an alleged theft at Walgreens this morning, which was followed by a pursuit.

The suspects reportedly were stealing from the Walgreens at 51st and Sheridan. Three of them left the store, two males and one female, while one stayed behind.

A citizen called police with a description of the truck and the tag, and police located the vehicle shortly afterward.

Police found the truck near 61st and Yale, but the suspects reportedly took off, leading police on a pursuit in midtown. The pursuit didn't last long, however, as the suspects crashed into a neighborhood yard near 61st and Pittsburg.

Two of the passengers jumped out of the moving vehicle at separate times during the pursuit, police said. Those two suspects are April Wright, 33 and Michael Sanders, 47. The driver, identified as Shane Rider, 39, reportedly tried to escape the vehicle after crashing into the fence of a yard.

The suspected who stayed behind at the store was identified as Brian Hall, 44.

All four suspects have been arrested. Police believe the truck was stolen.