Police Pursuit Ends On Train Tracks

The burned out pickup is where things stopped. To get to the start you have to go back through the train tracks, the homeless camp, the train, the fire truck with a unique challenge, and finally the police, who summed up a long chase with a short sentence.

"Sometimes bad people try to get away," said Corporal Kurt Gardner.

The driver of the pickup, police say, gave a false id when he was pulled over, after which a struggle ensued, and then...

"And then the driver sped away in the truck," said Gardner.

After chasing him onto 244, police then followed him into downtown, where things took an unusual turn.

"He exited of the main road and started driving on the railroad tracks," said Gardner.

The truck didn't fare too well, losing a tire and catching fire. All of which took place right near a homeless dwelling, which apparently gave the driver, still trying to escape, an idea.

"He went and stole a shirt that was hanging on the fence, changed clothes," said Gardner.

But the disguise failed, and cops got their man. Meanwhile, the truck was burning in a hard to reach spot.

"Our challenge was being able to deploy a line to reach where the vehicle itself was located," said firefighter Brandon Potter.

Realizing the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, teh Tulsa fire department simply dropped down a hose; well, not simply.

"We take the friction calculation in, we're trained to reduce our pump pressure and stuff per ten foot when we pump below grade like this," said Potter.

Fire extinguished, suspect in custody, trains running again. With emergency personnel making it all look almost easy.

"You gotta haul it all the way back up. Yes. Not as much fun," smiled Potter.