Police Release 911 Audio

      Caller: "Yeah, ok, so I work at Pickleman's on Campus Corner, 759 Asp. Some girl just got clocked in the face..."

      Dispatcher: "OK. What girl?"

      Caller: "Well, she stormed off, man, and I don't even know where she went. We have a camera feed here, though. I don't know if that helps."

      Dispatcher: "OK. So the person who got assaulted, where are they at right now?"

      Caller: "She left. I don't know where she went. Yeah she ran off."

      Dispatcher: "Who assaulted her?"

      Caller: "OK,OK,OK, I didn't... She is still here. Hold on. I did not see the guy myself, I was in the back when it happened. A few people did see what happened that are still here. Like I said, we also have a camera feed as well."

      Dispatcher: "The person who assaulted her is gone?"

      Caller: "He ran off. I don't know where he went."

      Dispatcher: "Are you with her right now?"

      Caller: "She is in the bathroom, but I'm standing right here."

      Dispatcher: "She is not an employee, is she?"

      Caller: "No no, she is just someone who was eating here. No, she doesn't work here."

      Dispatcher: "Is she awake right now?"

      Caller: "Yeah she is still in the bathroom, but she is conscious."

      Dispatcher: "Is she alert?"

      Caller: "It's hard for me to tell. I think she's reasonably intoxicated as well."

      Dispatcher: "She is intoxicated? Okay. Is there any serious bleeding?"

      Caller: "Uh she was, well she was bleeding pretty bad from the mouth."

      Dispatcher: "OK. Was there any other part of the body that was injured also?"

      Caller: "Not to my knowledge, no."

      Dispatcher: "OK. Any difficulty breathing?"

      Caller: "I don't think so."

      Dispatcher: "OK. Alright. Well we do have help on the way."