Police Believe Two East Tulsa Robberies Possibly Connected

Tulsa Police are investigating two armed robberies in East Tulsa that happened late Tuesday night.

Officers at the scene said it is possible that the crimes are connected. Around 11:15 p.m., four armed men with ski masks and hooded sweatshirts kicked in the door of home near 119th East Avenue and 21st Street.

During the incident a 21-year-old Samuel Ekechiadi and his 18-year-old friend were at home. His mother was at work.

Police said the men demanded money. The men held the victims at gunpoint while two others ransacked the home.

Ekechiadi recalled that the men told them to keep their face to the ground and reportedly said that if they disobeyed, "I'll take you to see Jesus early."

The suspects eventually drove away. Ekechiadi said they took items like a TV and a phone.

"Suspects fled the scene in an unknown direction," said Cpl. Kyle Straight with Tulsa Police.

A short time later, police learned of another armed robbery about eight blocks away.

Two armed men in ski masks and hooded sweatshirts robbed a man and woman in the parking lot of The Meadow Apartments near 116th East Avenue and 31st Street. Police said the suspects forced the couple onto the ground and took money and phones.

"But the victims did indicate that they felt like they could hear other people from a distance that were more than likely involved, because they weren't trying to help, they weren't leaving the area," said Tulsa Police Officer Jillian Roberson. She said it is possible that if the cases do end up being connected, that could account for the other suspects.

Police said this is an ongoing investigation, and they are still searching for the suspects.

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