Police Host Safety Seminar As Search For Rapist Continues

The Tulsa Police Department hosted a downtown safety seminar on Wednesday as officers continues searching for a serial rapist.

The seminar was planned months in advance to address crime downtown, but it drew a crowd of mostly women. Many of them voiced their concern about the rapist on the loose.

"I've reached out to a couple of the neighbors that I've not known, just walked up introduced myself and asked them if they see anything out of the ordinary, call the police," said Julie Davis, who works downtown.

Officer Demita Kinard provided tips to participants to notice everything around, the people and the cars. She also says to let fear guide you, not rule you.

"Don't stop going outside. Don't stop being who you are. Just be more conscious when you are doing what you are doing," said Kinard.

? Police say downtown has not seen an increase in crime, which had been an original concern for some businesses and employees.