Tulsa Police Say 'Serial Rapist' Captured

Tulsa police have two rape suspects behind bars and between the two men there are seven known victims but there could be more.Willis McPherson is being charged for two rapes that occurred near 51st street and Yale avenue in February. One of those was the incident that happened early one morning on the trails of LaFortune Park.Michael Ray Harris was also arrested and police are calling him a serial rapist, for the sexual assault of five women since November.Harris' alleged crimes happened all over Tulsa including north and south Tulsa. Police say most sexual assault investigations include the suspect and victim knowing each other. What's so unusual about Harris is that he preyed on strangers. His record and choice of neighborhoods have some residents concerned. "I was like two houses from my house when I was molested and I was 7 so I don't take any chances," says LaPetra Stephens. She lives with her past everyday and watches out for the kids in her life. Stephens shares with us she was raped once and almost a second time."At 7 it was a stranger when I was 12 it was actually my uncle, who tried to rape and sodomize me," says Stephens. Little did she know, that in her neighborhood just one road over...police say a serial rapist sexually assaulted a female. Tulsa police say in November Harris raped his second victim of five before police would catch him. His latest crime on January 27th led to his capture and police labeling him a serial rapist. "He had some similarities to some cases we had been working," says Sergeant Mark Mears with the Tulsa Police Sex Crimes Unit. He says out of the five cases Harris was involved with, two were public assaults but three were private. Police say Harris would ask the victim if she needed a ride. "When they accepted the ride he would take them to remote locations and sexually assault them and the incidents were pretty violent," says Mears who explains his team is constantly looking for patterns in crimes. "We don't have any more serial rapists that we know of that we are working right now, we have some other stranger cases that we are still working on."Stephens stresses that she lived with her secret when she was a kid but in the end she knows she helped other women by telling someone. "Tell it, tell it, because believe me that adult they tell is going to do something and if they don't move you tell the next adult and just keep telling it," says Stephens. As for Willis McPherson who is connected to the LaFortune Park rape, police are still looking at older sexual assault cases just to see if he is connected to any more crimes. If you have any knowledge of sex crimes occurring please contact Crime Stoppers:918-596-COPS