Tulsa Police Continue Search for Sexual Assault Suspect

The first victims were walking in the Southroads mall area when a man approached them from behind and touched them inappropriately.

"And what's disturbing, we've seen individuals usually start off small, things of this nature, peeping Tom, eventually graduate to commit rapes," said Tulsa police officer Leland Ashley.

The second incident occurred at Whiteside park.

"Where he came upon a female and it appeared that he was going to attempt to and he was scared off," he said.

A park frequently visited by Gilda Baker.

"A friend of mine told me there was a guy fondling women at parks," she said.

This afternoon, she got her first glimpse at what the guy looks like.

"White male, baseball cap, big dark glasses, large nose, small mouth, kind of nerdy," she said.

With the incidents taking place within a quarter mile of each other, police believe the suspect may be very familiar with the area.

"It makes you believe this individual possibly lives in the neighborhood, he feels comfortable. You know maybe he won't look out of place in this area, so he's staying close to where he comfortable at," said Ashley.

Safety recommendations include not walking alone, being alert of your surroundings, and prepared to call for help.

"Well, I'd have my cell phone so I would make a call, I try to keep my keys where I can, there's a key there," she said.