Police Search for Suspect in Shooting at Family Gathering

2000 Photograph of Roberto Urquiza

Police are searching for 49-year-old Roberto Urquiza, a suspect in a 'family dispute' that ended with a man reportedly shot in the head on Sunday.

Tulsa Police reportedly received a call, Sunday afternoon, of an altercation in the 500 block of North Maplewood Avenue. The caller reported that people were fighting and could hear a woman screaming just before hearing a gun shot.

According to Police, first responders arrived and found a 26-year-old shot in the head. EMSA transported the man to St. John Hospital. The victim underwent surgery and is reportedly listed in critical condition.

During the investigation, Police were told that a large party of family members had came together at a house the night before. A problem reportedly led to a large fight and the suspect allegedly shot the victim one time.

The suspect, Roberto Urquiza, is described as a 5'7" Hispanic male with a bald head and injuries reportedly to the right side of his face.

Urquiza was last seen in a small black vehicle that Tulsa Police have recovered in the area of 11800 East 36th Street. Police believe that Urquiza is being helped by someone. They are asking for Urquiza to submit to an interview to determine what had happened with this shooting.

Officials say that anyone who is helping Urquiza may find themselves subject to legal difficulties.

Anyone with information on Roberto Urquiza is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918.596.2677 or to email