TPD Release Name of Officers Involved in Shooting of Wanted Man

Tulsa Police released the names of four officers involved in a shooting that left a suspect dead early Thursday morning.

Four officers were involved during the incident that left Donald Hallet dead. All four are on administrative leave until further notice:

Corporal Matthew Hart, 42
Officer Eric Spradlin, 38
Officer David Brice, 39
Officer Christopher O'Keefe, 39

Channel 8 was near 10th and Birmingham, around 2 a.m. when the Fugitive Warrent Squad had reportedly found Hallet, 44.

TPD said Hallet was wanted for the shooting of Lucas Knight at a Motel 6 back on Nov. 20. An arrest warrant was issued for his arrest earlier this week.

According to investigators, Hallet took off on foot with officers chasing. He then reportedly pulled a shotgun out of a backpack he had and then continued running.

Police said he ran about 2 blocks to the north, where he encountered more officers.

"He still had the gun, pointed it at officers and officer shot him at that time," said Jill Roberson, police public information officer.

Police do not know how many shots were fired, or if Hallet fired any shots himself.

Jillian Roberson told that all four officers are on paid leave and will meet with the District Attorney to determine whether they will return to duty or not.