Police Spot Stolen Car in Midtown, Chase Ensues

Tulsa Police are interviewing a male suspect, after police spotted a stolen car in Midtown Tulsa Wednesday morning. The people in the car fled police.

Police said after 1 a.m., officers spotted a car that was stolen in an armed robbery a few days ago. When they tried to get closer to the car, it sped off. The chase lasted for a few blocks, beginning near 9000 E. Admiral and ending near 7000 E. 7th St, close to McClure Park.

Police said at least four young men bailed out of the vehicle and ran. Police utilized its helicopter and K9 officers to track down one of the suspects. He is now in custody. Police are interviewing him Wednesday morning, though police do not believe he was driving the car.

Police said the suspects are possibly in their late teens. Investigators said it is too early to know what type of charges they could face.

"At this time, we have our crime scene detectives that are processing the vehicle for any additional evidence. After that's done, we will return the car back to its owner," said Sgt. August Terbrock.