Police Step Up Enforcement During Weekend Celebrations

If you're going out celebrating basketball, or St.Patty's Day, you should know cops are looking for drunk drivers. If you think you can walk a straight line, you might be surprised some sober people could fail it.

When a driver gets behind the wheel, they may assume they have control. But but an officer can find a number of reasons to pull you over.

Channel 8's Kim Jackson demonstrated with the help of Agent Eric Smoot of the ABLE Commission.

He witnessed Kim cross two lanes of traffic, a mistake any driver could make, but it is enough to get someone pulled over with flashing lights.

Walking the straight line may be hard even for a sober person. It would be simple to fail, by starting too soon, not paying close attention.

The eyes don't lie. They bounce when you're intoxicated, according to the experts.

So don't focus on how to beat the tests. Officers say you can't.

"They are thinking we care about how they walk and how they stepping off line, but that's only one clue. The clues are different like did they begin early, were they swaying, did they keep their hands down by their sides," explained Smoot.

The ABLE Commission will be patrolling this weekend, looking for people who are intoxicated in public.The only place you can be openly drunk, legally, is in your home.