Police Stop Alleged Attempted Robbery Before It Happens

Tyler J. Burns (mug shot Tulsa County Jail)

Tulsa Police and Bixby police say an anonymous tip helped them stop a man from allegedly trying to rob a south side pharmacy.

According to arrest documents, Tyler Joseph Burns was arrested by Tulsa police at the CVS store near 101st and Memorial.

A tipster told Bixby police that Burns could try to rob the store sometime between 5:00pm and 10:00pm Thursday night.

Tulsa officers parked in the CVS lot waiting for Burns, and according to their report, he rolled up in a car that was displaying tags that belonged on another vehicle.

"TPD officers intercepted Burns before he exited his vehicle," the probable cause statement reads.

Officers found a black ski mask, white gloves and a black pistol in Burns' car. The gun was not loaded and there were no bullets found in the car.

Formal charges have not been filed, but Bixby police detective Andy Choate said Burns will face attempted robbery charges among others.

Stay with KTUL and Tulsa's Channel 8 as we hear more today from Bixby police on this case.