Police Union Will Not Endorse Mayor Candidate

The Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police will not endorse a candidate in the Tulsa mayoral race, leaders said today.

"Each candidate had strong points but each had areas of concern for our members. We will, of course, review our decision again after the primary," said Jessica Caswell, Public Relations/ Political Liaison.

The FOP conducted a poll of 500 likely voters and says Kathy Taylor was in the lead:*

  • Kathy Taylor: 35%
  • Dewey Bartlett: 30%
  • Bill Christiansen: 20%
  • Undecided: 15%
In addition to the poll, the FOP had each candidate attend a personal interview, complete a survey and attend a candidate forum with members.

"Our members believe each candidate has strong leadership skills and understands the issues important to law enforcement," said Board of Director's Chairman Mark Secrist. "Unfortunately, taking into consideration the results of our vetting process, our membership was unable to make an endorsement of any one candidate."

The firefighters union announced earlier this month they're endorsing Kathy Taylor. Bill Christiansen picked up the endorsement from the union representing non-sworn city employees.

The announcement by the FOP comes just hours before the first Mayoral Debate. Remember you can watch the debate live on beginning at 6 p.m.

*An earlier version of the story incorrectly stated the poll was just of FOP members.