Police Warn Against Tailgate Thefts

A local law enforcement agency is warning residents about thieves stealing truck tailgates While truck tailgate thefts are less common than car thefts, officers with the Broken Arrow Police Department said this sort of crime happening in the area.

"I've never thought of locking the tailgate," said truck owner Darin Swinney.

Swinney of Broken Arrow had no idea truck tailgates are a hot target thieves.

"It is probably $1,000 market value on things so it's something easy for thieves to take and today's economy people are looking to make a buck any way they can including the thieves," Swinney said.

A thief could snatch a tailgate in about thirty seconds and then turn around and sell it just as fast.

"We had one recently this weekend that was stolen and nationwide it continues to be a problem," said Cpl. Leon Calhoun, Broken Arrow Police Department.

Cpl. Calhoun said thieves target tailgates because they are nearly untraceable.

"There's no serial numbers or anything like that to identify that they can be tracked back to," Cpl. Calhoun said.

He also said you could always put some kind of marking on your tailgate as a source of identification.

"Basically some kind of identification number, their name something like that underneath a portion of the tailgate," Cpl. Calhoun said.

As for preventing theft, locking your tailgate is key. But if you own a truck like Swinney's Toyota Tacoma.

"There's is no actual lock on this tailgate," Swinney said.

It may be best for you to invest in a safety product.

"There are items you can actually purchase at auto parts stores and on the internet as low as $15 make it either impossible or very difficult to remove tailgates," Cpl. Calhoun said.