Police Work Unsolved Murder Cases, Families Pray

Tulsa police say they will go after known killers who walk the streets. The goal will be to catch them breaking other laws and send them to jail. Right now, Channel 8's Kim Jackson says--they have open cases--with no arrests.

21-year old LaHarry Myers finally has permanent rest place. But his family still has questions about his death.

Police say they know who killed 21-year old LaHarry Myers, once a high school basketball star.

He was shot down was shot down on his lunch break in February.

Today--his parents went to watch his headstone being delivered, a day before his birthday.

They want an arrest. Police say they need evidence--and they have not given up.

"We are just gonna keep the faith and we are just praying and hoping someone will step up with some information," said his mother, Brenda Myers.

Tulsa police say including LaHarry they have a total of five unsolved murders this year and they are hoping to start monitoring known killers and targeting them with a new initiative, November 1st.