Ponca City Student Arrested After Police Discover Weapons in Car

William Hubler

A Ponca City high school student was taken into custody after police reportedly discovered weapons in his vehicle.

Police arrested William Hubler Tuesday afternoon after a drug dog smelled drugs in his vehicle during a routine check outside the Ponca City High School.

Channel 8's sister station in OKC, Fox 25, reports that when Ponca City Police searched the vehicle they not only discovered marijuana, but three rifles and an open container of alcohol.

Police added that one of the rifles was an AK-47. And that another was reportedly stolen.

School Superintendent David Pennington said that Hubler was not threatening students or the school. But that he understands the concern from parents.

"I think the main thing we've heard parents express concern about is the student had that weapon," Pennington said.

Now Hubler is facing a full year's suspension from the school. He is being held in the jail at this time.