Pop Up Shops Return for Downtown Holiday Shopping

Visit 5th and Boston and you'll see several store fronts that popped up last December, and have stayed up.

"Last year we had 12 shops and 5 of them are still open and in business a year later," said organizer Libby Auld.

A success rate that has spawned Pop Up - The Sequel.

"There are over 15 shops this year," she said.

Shops like NU2U Resale Connection.

"We have tons of Christmas trees, lost of used furniture, nick knacks," said Seresa Kesselring.

They went from learning about the opportunity to setting up shop in 2 weeks.

"We're looking for a property downtown to lease after this pop up event's over," she said.

Right next door to them...

"It's a dream come true for my mother and I," said Maria Stevenson. Her clothing store, Vestida, has mom Betty on display at work.

"People can watch her create the garments from beginning to end," she said.

Pop Up - part 2, the continued rebirth of downtown, and a testing ground for up and comers.

"A Pop Up shop lets you know if you're going to make it or not," she said.