Possible Attempted Abductions Cause Police to Increase their Presence

Due to concern within a neighborhood, the Broken Arrow Police Department has stepped up their presence in the area of 18600 East 50th Place in Broken Arrow.

Police are stepping up their presence because of two reported attempted abductions earlier this week in the neighborhood, which is near Country Lane school.

Police received word on Wednesday that two white males in a silver car asked a 7-year-old boy playing basketball to get in the car. The boy reportedly took off to safety inside.

Upon working that attempted abduction, police learned of another possible attempted abduction on Monday night.

In that instance, three black males reportedly asked a female between 7-10-years old to get into to the car, but she ran away to safety as well.

Police are stepping up their presence near 51st and 193rd as a precaution, but don't necessarily know for sure that attempted abductions actually took place.

A member of the Tulsa Police Department who addressed the incident advised parents to be wary of their kids whereabouts as a precaution.