Possible Drowning Victim Transported in Serious Condition

Josh Sala

A 55-year-old man was transported to St. John Medical Center this afternoon after he was pulled from the bottom of a pool by a man mowing the lawn nearby.

The man said he heard the victim yelling for help and acted quickly when he saw the man at the bottom of the pool, jumping in, pulling him out and performing CPR until EMSA arrived.

The rescuer was identified as Josh Sala, who was in the process of mowing the lawn of his parents and grandparents. He said adrenaline kicked in, and he performed CPR for 5 to minutes until paramedics arrived.

Sala said he was trained in CPR through his work.

EMSA officials said the possible drowning victim was transported in serious condition to the hospital.

The incident occurred on the 6400 block of South 88th East Place a little before 1 p.m.