Possible Power Outage Mobilizes Crews and Concerns

Electrical crews are already on the move to areas like Bartlesville, Vinita and Grove. PSO is trying to stay ahead of any power outages that may arise from the snow or ice.

Your electric company is giving a lot of attention to power lines. PSO has 120 contractors on standby just in case there is an outage and if there is, you have to be careful.

PSO says they have been monitoring the weather and any electrical outages they could see with this blast of winter weather.

The company has called in crews already located in Oklahoma. But they are also reminding customers, that if the power goes out, be careful lighting and heating your home.

Make sure you blow candles out, as they can be knocked over. If you're using a generator leave it outside. And don't try to heat your home, using the stove or oven because of carbon monoxide.

The hope there won't be any outages or damages to the power lines. But one or two inches of ice may be too much.

"Typically our power lines can hold up on a bit of ice, not a big problem on trees but if it starts getting up like what we've seen in the past, to an inch or two, that really gets kind of dangerous," explained Stan Whiteford, of Public Service Company of Oklahoma.

PSO urges you to call them, if you power goes out so they can be sure a crew is on the way.