Powerball Ticket Sales Soar

The QT parking lot had more traffic than a NASCAR pit stop, with the clerks inside working just as fast and furious.

"Ahh, hang on, time out!," said one clerk.

With this size of a jackpot, the not-so-regular-players are drawn in by all the buzz.

"Well, I kept hearing on the TV about all these people and how much they're going to win, and what they're going to do with it," said Tina Bailey.

It's a hefty thought, one that translates the scribbled numbers on a napkin into a look of concentration you might expect from someone performing life saving surgery.

"I'm thinking of birthdays, anniversaries, things like that," said one woman.

A strategy echoed by Darcy Mayo

"My birthday and my anniversary and stuff like that," she said.

She works at another QT and saw people dropping serious coin for the serious jackpot.

"There were a lot of people coming in getting for co-workers and stuff, there were like $200, $300 tickets being sold, yeah, so it was crazy today," she said.

A craziness to make sure you got your bases covered...

"Have you bought yours yet? You have," asked one clerk.

While at the same time thinking of who you're going to share it with.

"I'll look you up. I'll hug you right now, my new best friend. Ok," said Ms. Bailey.