Pastor Spearheads Tulsa Prayer Walk to Affirm Belief in God

The video is from New York city, the bold statement on their shirts, a direct response to an atheist billboard seen in a subway.

"It said, one million New Yorkers are OK with God not being in this city, are you?" said pastor Khalil Hakim, inspired so much by the "God Belongs in My City" movement, that's he's spearheading a Tulsa version.

"This transcends denominations, this transcends theology, this transcends dogma. We're just looking for the body of Christ to come together as one body," he said.

A declaration of faith as bold as the unfaithful declarations in the city over the past two years. In March of 2010, non-believers paid for a "Are you good without God?" Billboard along I-44.

"I don't remember ever being a believer," said a non-believer.

And just last August an atheist gave the opened remarks at a city council meeting instead of a prayer.

"It's just another milestone in the search for equal rights for our people," said Dan Nerren.

But now...

"Yes, God does belong in our city," said Shayla Collins.

A gentle, Christian nudge from the faithful that they're here too.

"It's not to infringe on anyone else's views or rights, it's not to start a war. But we're simply declaring that God does belong in our city and we support that," she said.

The march takes place on November 3rd, beginning at the Tulsa County Library at 8am.